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Sri Chennakeshva Temple

 Kaidala village is located at a distance of about 7kms from Tumkur town and adjacent to Tumkur-Kunigal road. Sri Chennakeshva Temple was built in 1150 AD during Hoysala period. The temple is in Dravidian style but the entrance mantapa and its gopura are in Vijayanagara style. Sri Chennakeshava idol of this temple was carved by Jakkanachari. This temple is a Protected Monument of Department of State Archeology, Government of Karnataka. The temple as well as gopura over the entrance mantapa was in damaged condition. During restoration the temple was re-constructed after strengthening the adhisthana. The entrance mantapa was restored along with the temple. The restoration of the temple took place during 1998-2001. Daily pooja is being performed in the temple.

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