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Sri Bhavani Shankara Temple

 Sri Bhavani Shankara Temple at Halehubli is at the center of Hubli town.  This beautiful temple built in the later Chalukyan style of architecture, is one of the best examples for the architectural style of 10th-11th century AD. This temple is in Lakkundi school of Art and Architecture. The temple has three Garbhagrihas with three Shikaras. The temple was in state of disrepair with growth of wild vegetation, dumping of debris to raise the height on one side, leaking of roof, uneven settlement inside the temple etc. During restoration work old damaged stones were replaced by new stones with carvings of original style, and stone Shikaras were also rebuilt. A stone porch in front was also added to the temple. The restoration work of the temple took place during 2005-06. After the restoration work, daily pooja is now being performed in this temple.

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