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Sri Basaveshwara Temple

Kalkeri village is situated about 20kms from Haveri town and adjacent to Haveri-Hangal road by 5kms. Sri Basaveshwara Temple at Kalkeri is a Protected Monument of Department of State Archeology, Government of Karnataka. This 10th century AD temple was built in typical Kalyana Chalukyan style. Basaveshwara temple has 4 cells (Garbhagrihas) with a common navaranga with beautiful carvings. The temple was in dilapidated condition due to vegetation growth over the roof and around the temple. The restoration work of the temple was carried out during 2000-01. Subsequently, Shikara work of this temple was carried out during 2005-06. The hara and Shikara of this temple was built with 18 different types of burnt bricks is unique among the Chalukyan style temples. After the restoration work, daily pooja is being performed in this temple.

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