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Sri Kalleshwara Temple

Hiremaganoor village located 15kms from Ranebennur town. Sri Kalleshwara Temple at Hiremaganoor was built around 11th century AD. It can be dated to the later Chalukyan period. The sculptural panels reflect a strong influence of the Rashtrakuta architecture. The temple literally looked like a small hill with soil almost covering the temple. One could hardly make out the temple but for its entrance. The soil covered over the temple was totally removed. The temple was dismantled, old stones were chemically cleaned and reconstructed as per the original after strengthening the foundation. Suitable Shikara was built over garbhagriha. The prakara/linkmesh was also put up around the structure for protection. The restoration work took place during 2004-05. After the restoration work, the daily pooja is being performed in this temple.

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