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Sri Shanthinatha Basadi

Nitturu is about 25kms from tumkur on the way Tumkur-Shimogha road. Sri Shanthinatha Basadi was built in 820 AD by famous sculptor Malosi Mallayya during the period of Veeraballala. The main idol at garbhagriha is of black stone Shantinatha idol. The basadi was built by soap stone. The carvings at the exterior have resemblances to Belur and Halebeed. When the outer stone walls which were collapsing were held in place by stone slabs which were propped against the walls as a temporary protection. The basadi was in total dilapidated condition. During the restoration work all the outer stone walls were completely dismantled, cleaned, broken stones were replaced with new stones and reconstructed after strengthening the foundation. The devotees of Jwalamaalini are visiting this basadi every Sunday and performing pooja which is a special attraction. The restoration of the basadi started in February 2013 and the work is in progress.

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