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Restoring the Legendary Ruins

Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheswara Dharmothana Trust was formed in 1991 with the objective of preserving and reviving our ancient culture. The pioneers of this Trust strongly believe in carrying on the legendary traditions and culture even into the generations to come, so as to keep alive the way of life followed by our ancestors The Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheswara Dharmothana Trust harmonise their energies wherein all their efforts converge towards two focused goals viz .
In pursuit of their goal of restoring the monumental ruins, the trust has been actively engaged in the renovation of temples and other monuments of historical, architectural and religious importance. Since its inception in 1991, the Trust has undertaken more than 190 projects across Karnataka.
The trust in its attempt to restore the monumental temples, mainly looks out for non-living temples, that are left at the nature\'s mercy, none coming forward to maintain these marvelous architectures due to some reasons like, lack of finance or uninterested local\'s etc. Towards this end, the trust has constituted an Advisory Board consisting of eminent personalities and experts in various fields. The task of restoration is delegated to engineers, retired archaeological professionals, historians, architects, and sculptors who form part of the team, combine their expertise for the sole purpose of breathing new life into the temple ruins, thus brining back its lost glory and recreating the marvelous architectural beauty. Reconstruction closely follows the line of the original structure and every effort is made to ensure that period details and architectural style are faithfully retained.
The process of renovation normally begins with an expression of interest by the local community in reviving the temple. The trust\'s team of experts then studies the structure and a detailed plan of actions is drawn up prior to the actual commencement. Materials required and skilled artisans are sourced after an estimate has been drawn up for the cost of renovation.
The Trust contributes 50% of the cost of renovation and the rest has to be raised by the local community though donations by individuals, philanthropists and the Government. All donations made to the trust by donors form around the country are accounted to the local community fund, so as the ease their financial burden. Besides renovation of temples, the Trust also proves guidance for the construction of new temples so that they may be built in accordance with the \'shastras\' and the principles of vastu.

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